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The Transportation Industry: “Data Report on Future Transportation Workforce Needs – August 2015″

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Projected Job Openings by 2022

Job Openings Due to Industry Growth
Job Openings Due to Separations
Total Growth and Separations

Fastest growth in the industry will be in the West Coast, Gulf Coast and Upper Mid-Atlantic regions.

The top two jobs with the highest median salaries, currently have a 33% gap between projected job openings in comparison to the completion rate in educational supported programs.

Captains, Mates

Openings: 29,454

Median Salary: $73,757

Ship Engineers

Openings: 9,451

Median Salary: $73,674

Data Analysis Includes NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes:
48311      Deep Sea, Coastal and Great Lakes Water Transportation
48321      Inland Water Transportation
48831      Port and Harbor Operations
48832      Marine Cargo Handling
48833      Navigational Services to Shipping
48839      Other Support Activities for Water Transportation

Industries in the Water Transportation sub-sector provide water transportation of passengers and cargo using watercraft such as ships, barges, and boats. The sub-sector is composed of two industry groups: (1) one for deep sea, coastal, and Great Lakes; and (2) one for inland water transportation. This split typically reflects the difference in equipment used.

The following Support Activities for Water Transportation were also included in the analysis. Port and Harbor Operation comprise establishments primarily engaged in operating ports, harbors (including docking and pier facilities), or canals. Marine Cargo Handling comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing stevedoring and other marine cargo handling services (except warehousing). Navigational Services to Shipping comprise establishments primarily engaged in providing navigational services to shipping. Marine salvage establishments are included in this industry. Examples: – Docking and undocking marine vessel services – Piloting services, water transportation – Marine vessel traffic reporting services – Tugboat services, harbor operation.

Other Support Activities for Water Transportation include establishments primarily engaged in providing services for water transportation (except port and harbor operations, marine cargo handling services, shipping navigational services).

This analysis covers workers engaged in the transportation of people and goods. Shipbuilding and manufacturing of other watercrafts is not the focus of the report.

Top Jobs by 2016-2022

(Below are the projected total job openings by position with respective median salaries these figures are based on Maritime industry growth and attrition).

Captains, Mates, and Pilots of Water Vessels

Openings: 29,454

Median Salary: $73,757

Sailors and Marine Oilers

Openings: 35,159

Median Salary: $38,605

Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators

Openings: 7,367

Median Salary: $43,722

Material Moving Workers, All Other

Openings: 5,641

Median Salary: $37,523

Crane and Tower Operators

Openings: 3,093

Median Salary: $47,902

Laborers and Freight, Stock and Material Movers, Handlers

Openings: 30,556

Median Salary: $31,949

Ship Engineers

Openings: 9,541

Median Salary: $73,674

Tank Car, Truck and Ship Loaders

Openings: 5,928

Median Salary: $41,434

First-Line Supervisors of Transportation and Material Moving Machine and Vessel Operators

Openings: 3,310

Median Salary: $68,557

Cargo and Freight Agents

Openings: 2,711

Median Salary: $45,488

Total Projected Job Openings in 2022  = 132,760