I was born in Oakland, CA as the eldest of seven. As a child, I attended ten elementary schools from throughout Northern and Southern California as a result of domestic violence and constantly being on the run. These experiences taught me the value of building quality relationships and exposed me to learning at a very fast pace. As the man of the house, I had to become the responsible one, and I started dreaming that one day I would make a difference with my life. At an early age I was exposed to inner-city gangs, drugs, alcohol, violence and death. Though often challenged by temptation, I escaped by the narrowest of margins. In reflection, I never would have escaped without the love, compassion and wisdom of the more than thirty special teachers, coaches and administrators who had a hand in guiding me toward making an impact in the community.  This love, compassion and wisdom affected my life more than just as a student – it nurtured and impacted me as a whole person.  We are going to build this nurturing environment, connecting with young adults as both individuals and students.

While pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Transportation and Engineering Management (MSTEM) from CSU Maritime, I received the vision of my eventual thesis, entitled “A Navigational Roadmap: The Development of a California Charter Maritime Preparatory High School.” In my research, it became clear that Northern California (NorCal) needs a Charter Management Organization (CMO) focused on preparing our youth for progressive careers in the Maritime industry. Visiting other Maritime-focused charter schools only strengthened my resolve to create such an enriching experience here in the Bay Area.

California is home to 12 major ports spanning the 1,000 miles of coast between the North Coast and San Diego County. Ports create busy harbors with heavy industrial commerce. Ports provide jobs and money to major cities and economies throughout California, including in such cities as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. At present there are one hundred and forty‐nine active ports in the United States.  Although 8 of California’s 12 ports are located in NorCal, there is currently no public, private, middle or high school offering a formal Maritime curriculum in the region.

Having earned a B.B.A. in Transportation and Logistics, a B.S. in Economics, an M.S. in Organization Development and an MSTEM from CSU Maritime, along with a successful 25-year career in operations and international human resources, I am ready to make a difference in the lives of our urban underserved and underrepresented youth whose dreams are challenged, or in many cases non-existent.

Sebron Flenaugh III